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The cold air filled Jeffrey’s lungs to the brim like a Fisherman’s Friend candy. He had not seen this place before, it had only been described as a place of wonders with a big pond filled with rainbow coloured fishes. Eager to see it with his own eyes and document it, he had brought along his most priced possession, a FujiFilm Digital Camera.

It started quickly to get darker and colder — it had been a good thing Jeffrey had gone inside the shop to ask for directions as many people had said it wasn’t the easiest place to find. The husband and wife running the little antique shop had been most helpful, the glowing warm light from the street posts had Jeffrey remember his family back home in Ipsi Dipsi land.

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The treacherous road was leading from the kind husband and wife’s shop all the way into what seemed to be dark and disturbing. The light had been Jeffreys only companion now for well over 2 and a half hours. “Two and a half hours just to look at some fishes” — Jeffrey thought to himself muttering away as he steadily picked up the paste — “They had better be some serious colourful sons of bitches to make this hassle worth the journey”

Jeffrey picked up the speed, for a moment it was almost as if the trees and bushes had a mind of their own, in the way the wind were blowing harshly from left to right, it was almost as if they sang a song to him. As the road up ahead was still dark and mysterious, Jeffrey couldn’t help noticing a slight shimmer of light opening up at the end of the road.

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“What the hell?” Jeffrey cried out loud! “Where’s my bloody pond with all the fish in it’s supposedly magnificent colours?”……There had used to be a pond right in front of where Jeffrey was standing, but it had been emptied a week ago to make room for …..yet…. another Shanghai Fashion week …. Jeffrey however soon came to his senses and calmed down. After all, it was Christmas…. There was much to be thankful for he thought on this 2 and a half hour journey. Nice people, Singing Bushes, and a not too Shabby Sky after all.

And with that said dear Readers,

Be Thankful, Be Positive and enjoy every sandwich!

Merry Christmas!